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In the 1990’s, T-Reg blazed a path through the college circuit in the Northwest of England. The band was forged from of lifelong friendships of local musicians, Harvey Lee, Jeff Singer and Jason Hartley-Smith with the sole goal just to have fun. As working musicians and professionals in the music industry, all the members had other commitments, but T-Reg was a focal point to do something different. Very different.

Prior professional engagements in the music business took our fab few on world tours. Families grew, and distance and life’s commitments became a barrier to ‘Reg’ carrying on. The stack heels and flared trousers got hung up for the last time in 1993.

Fast forward over 25 years and take into account the small matter of a global pandemic, against all the odds, founders Harvey Lee and Jeff Singer find themselves together again in the most challenging of personal circumstances. Jeff can’t tour professionally anymore due Covid restrictions, Harvey lives 200 miles away, and friend Steve has not played his guitar in 30 years despite graduating from music college as a very accomplished guitarist.

We were all hacked off and searching for the meaning of life during a pandemic we never thought we’d see in our lifetime.

“Let’s put the band back together!” quipped Steve, who replaces Geoff Foster from the original line up. ‘Let’s do a gig!’ What?! Yeah! Jeez, what did we just agree too? Following a two-minute WhatsApp frenzy, Jason was in too! But there needs to be a purpose. There needs to be meaning to this reformation for a band that no one will remember from 25 years ago. Why should anyone care?

That’s when the phrase “Party with a purpose” was born. T-Reg’s first come-back gig will be an all-for-charity affair. All profits from the show on 18th December 2021 will be split between the Music Venue Trust, who have helped venues stay in business during lockdown and Belisama’s Retreat, The North West’s woodland and riverside retreat for military veterans’ mental health

These are not just randomly selected charity. In fact, these charities hold much meaning for the band, Steve and Jason particularly.

As a British Army Bosnia veteran and PTSD survivor, Steve knows just how much help Belisama's Retreat gives to veterans suffering the physical and mental scars of war. We need to support our service people when they need help.

As a professional musician and venue owner, Jason knows only too well, how challenging keeping music venues alive during lockdowns has been. His venue, Rebellion Club, will be the chosen venue for the T-Reg show. Music Venue Trust has been a huge help to the Rebellion Club during lockdown.

Party with a purpose:
So, there you go. T-Reg are back. To have fun with some classic music of the 70’s era, for the audience to have a bangin’ night out around these British Isles whilst raising money for charities that they care about.

Let’s get CRAZEE!

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